Learning from Local Reviews

Learning from Local Reviews

Sandwell Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) has a duty to undertake Serious Case Reviews (SCR) and Case Reviews according to the ‘Working Together 2018’ guidance as well as ensuring that learning from these reviews is disseminated widely and embedded in practice.

Learning and good practice from Sandwell’s reviews is disseminated as widely as possible through the SSCB newsletter; regular training sessions that form part of the SSCB training programme; and by requesting that members of SSCB cascade information within their respective organisations.  Learning is also shared through the sub-group structure and publication on the SSCB website.

Learning Notes

SSCB produce learning notes for each (serious) case review which outlines good practice, learning and recommendations. The learning notes from recent reviews can be accessed using the links below:

GS Learning Notes – May 2015 (published 2016)

Child B Learning Notes – July 2014 (published 2016)

Table Top Review Learning Notes – July 2016



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