Keeping safe online

Please find below information we think is important to share parents and professionals to safeguarding children and Young people against potential violence and exploitation:

APPS to be aware off:

Related image  The Yellow app has been dubbed “Tinder for kids” and as a potential “free-for-all for sexual predators”. See related article.

Monkey -- have fun chats App Poster Image The Monkey app is being described as an app that enables you to have Facetime with random strangers. Once you are registered, ‘Monkey’ will try to connect you with people from across the world of a similar age. Once connected, both users have to ‘add tine’ to continue with the FaceTime, otherwise the chat will disconnect. It’s rated as being suitable for over 12’s

Please see the CSE Social Media Library for a general awareness of Apps.

  The Gallery Guardian is an app that detects when children take or receive explicit images. It send alerts to parents.


Online anonymity:

The following article explains the pros and cons of online anonymous websites.


Online safety advices:

The following link provides online safety tips (for deaf or hard hearing young people).

Internet Safety resources for parents.


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